How to Care for Your Action Camera – Easy Maintenance Tips

Action cameras are not just for hardcore outdoor sport fans. More and more casuals are bringing this gadget in their trunk whenever they’re on a travel trip. The thought of having to carry around a bulky camcorder doesn’t seem to make everybody content. That said, not all of those who own an action camera know how to care for it properly.

Although some action cameras are rugged out of the box, it doesn’t mean you can completely neglect it. Besides, some of the best action cameras can easily set you back at more than 300 bucks, which is not a small investment. If you’ve been wondering how you can keep your action camera functional for a long time, you need to check out these 4 easy maintenance tips.

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action camera tips

#1 Keep It in a Good Place

When you’re not using your action camera, make sure you put it in a safe place. As you probably know, not every action camera is rugged without its waterproof case. Thus, it’s just unwise if you just ditch it anywhere without having a regard of its safety. Be sure that the place is not too hot or cold. Also, be sure that you can find it easily. Action camera is so tiny it’s not rare that people forget where they put it. Last but not least, remove it from its external housing. You really don’t want to leave your action camera with its waterproof housing intact, especially after you take it to a dive underwater. The moisture trapped within the case may damage your camera.

#2 Wash the Case

It’s not just the camera that needs a proper caring. You also have to maintain the protective case. After each use, spend some time to clean it. Rinse it with fresh water and make sure there’s no dirt left, especially around the corners. Wipe away the remaining water using a smooth cloth. If necessary, use blower to rid it of any moisture. This way, you will not find the case having any smudge on it the next time you want to use it.

#3 Clean the Lens

The basic bundle for GoPro cameras commonly includes a soft cloth used to clean the camera lens. If you haven’t been doing that regularly, it’s time to start because once the lens have been scratched, or worse, damaged, your footage will never look good again. As for the cleaning solution, make sure you use the one recommended by the camera manufacturer. If after tending to the lens you notice a thin purple layer on your camera, it means you haven’t wiped it off thoroughly. Use the said cloth and rub the lens again gently.

#4 Get Spare Batteries and Cycle Through Them

Even though some smaller action cameras like GoPro Hero 5 Session don’t offer a removable battery, most do have one. If your camera is the latter, it’s always handy to buy a spare battery or two. Not only can you quickly replenish the juice, but you can also extend the battery’s longevity by cycling through them.


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