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GoPro Hero Session Review

gopro hero session review

Many regular action cameras are already small in size, but when paired with the provided external case and the mounting bracket, they can still be quite unwieldy. For this reason, GoPro unveiled an action camera that’s even smaller than common models, the Hero Session. Introduced for the first time as GoPro Hero 4 Session, the camera looks like a rounded cube that extends no more than 1.5-inch on each of its side.

Out of the box, the camera is already rugged and waterproof, so you will hardly need its protective case to use it under water. This camera is already quite dated actually and GoPro has rolled out the better version in Hero 5 Session last year. However, if you want a great small action camera and are satisfied with just a few recording options, GoPro Hero Session is what you need.

What's Hot
  • Tiny yet rugged
  • Waterproof without the case
  • Long battery life
  • Great audio quality
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent video quality for its size
  • Compatible with endless options of mounts
What's Not
  • No 4K or even 2K videos
  • Limited recording options
  • No touchscreen

GoPro Hero Session Design

With a perfectly squared form factor, this tiny action camera is entirely pocketable. You will still notice a little bulge but the point is it’s one of the smallest action cameras you can find today. There are only two buttons on this camera: one at the top and another at the back. The one at the top is a power button that’s also used to start the recording and select menu options. The back button is used to turn on and of the Wi-Fi and navigate the menus. A couple of LEDs are on-board too to tell you if the camera is recording and if the Wi-Fi is on. On the left side, you can find a pop-up door that covers the memory card slot and the charging port.

GoPro Hero Session Key Features

GoPro Hero Session is equipped with a built-in battery. You won’t be able to swap it with a spare to replenish its juice in an instant. Good thing is the capacity is 1,000mAh and with the camera having no touchscreen, it can last up to more than 2 hours of continuous shooting with Wi-Fi enabled. The 8MP image sensor it sports is rather low for a GoPro’s standard. For that, you won’t get to shoot videos in 4K (max res is 1440p / 30fps) nor will you be able to capture high speed actions in HD. The highest frame rate is 120fps and it is only available in WVGA 480p resolution. Narrrow FOV mode is also nowhere to be found. Basically, the recording option on this camera is much more limited than any of other GoPro’s cameras.

GoPro Hero Session Performance

Despite the limited recording options, video quality is surprisingly pleasant for its size. Recording outdoor in daytime light will give you vibrant and natural looking footage in which small details are rendered crisp and sharp. It’s not perfect, yes, and there are some compression artifacts in here and there but they’re far from distracting, especially if you watch the video on your mobile device. Noise is more apparent in low light environment, but just so you know it’s the case with all action cameras. As an entry-level action camera, it’s expected that the Hero Session has no internal image stabilization. So, don’t be too surprised if your footage feels a little wobbly. Sound quality is among the best, thanks to the dual-microphone. And since it requires no external case to stay waterproof, audio won’t be muffled when you’re shooting underwater.


GoPro Hero Session might not be the company’s most exhaustive action camera, but it doesn’t stop it from being an excellent shooter. Its ease-of-use ethos makes this camera perfect for those who value quick and simple operation. With just a push of a button, the camera can start recording and capturing great footage of your action sport. For high spirited youngsters, this must count as something.

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