How to Start Vlogging – 10 Tips to Help You Become a Super Vlogger

Whether you’ve been blogging or just just realized that internet can be fun, vlogging can be a good way to express yourself while, at the same time, connecting with other people. It’s a more interactive method to talk about stuff that’s important to you and share the passion with millions of people. Also, if you do it right and people happen to like you, you might make a good career out of it and make a good chunk of buck every month. In case you have no idea, a famous vlog superstar can earn more than a million every year just making 5-10 minute videos.

Sounds good right? So, how can you start? Well, vlogging is not very different from blogging. However, instead of writing your thoughts out, you’ll be filming short videos. You will then have to upload those videos on a video site like YouTube and embed the video code on your own blog. That’s all there is to it. Still, as easy as it is, a little guide on how to kickstart your vlog can never hurt, can it? For that reason, I’ve compiled some tips to get your ground set up and build and grow your vlog quickly. Check them out!

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How to Start Vlogging - Tips to Help You Become a Super Vlogger

#10 Educate Yourself

Before taking the first step, it’s always handy to take a look at other vloggers who have gained quite some experience in the field. Find out what tools they’re using to make their videos. Not only the camera, but also other equipment such as microphone, editing software, and the likes of them. Learn how they angle their camera to get the best cut of the recording. Watch how they interact with their viewers, how they position themselves in front of the camera. Take a note of all of these and imitate what you think you’ll be comfortably doing.

#9 Get Prepared

Being confident is good, but being too confident is a good recipe for disaster. What I’m talking about is before you roll the camera, you might want to get yourself prepared to some extent. Perhaps, making an outline of what you’re going to say and thinking of how you’re going to deliver the punch line that’ll make your video more interesting.

#8 Buy a Tripod

Many cameras – DSLR, mirrorless, and digital – feature an electronic image stabilization that’s going to help keep the recorded footage steady. However, you will get much better result if you invest a bit more to buy a tripod. Just grab the cheap one sold for $20 or less and you’ll be on the right track to produce a professional looking video.

#7 Be Yourself

As entertaining as those popular vloggers are, it’s always important to just be yourself. You can learn a few things from them, sure, and that’s a must actually. However, once the camera is on you need to make sure that it’s the real you the audience is watching, not someone who’s trying to get attention by being someone else. Besides, you can make everything easier by being yourself. Just lay back, be friendly, and say what you want to say.

#6 Ask Your Audience

You know what’s the best way to engage your viewers? Ask them a question. Really, it’s that simple. You can ask them about some matter that you’re discussing on your video. Or, you can also ask them about what your next video is going to be; maybe making some sort of Monday or Friday series. It’s very common actually among all vloggers. So, if you do the first step earlier right, this should be obvious.

#5 Choose a Different Spot

One way to attract more people to watch your video is by being creative and the easiest way to do that is by choosing a different spot. If you usually record your video in your bedroom, try to go outside; on a coffee shop, on a book store, you name it. If you’re not confident enough filming outdoor, try to pick out a different room in your house; in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

#4 Make Your Videos Short

This depends on your niche actually. Family vloggers are known for their ridiculously long videos (almost like short movies) and that still doesn’t stop people from watching them. Generally speaking, however, people love short videos more. Probably because most of us have short attention span. Now since you only have a few minutes, you will want to stay focused when you’re recording. Any time you feel you’re out of topic, cut it off right away. You can still talk about that on another video.

#3 Make a Channel and Tag Your Videos

YouTube remains to be the most popular video site today. You can use its features to make your videos more “findable”. Create a channel of your own. You can have multiple channels in one account. Also, before you publish your video, make sure you tag it. It will allow YouTube to know better where to group your video, hence, giving it a bigger chance to show up on a relevant search

#2 Connect with Other Vloggers

When you just start vlogging, you will not have too many people watching your videos. You can of course grow it steadily by connecting with other vloggers who have established quite a big fan base and of course who are on the same niche as you are. This can be as easy as checking out their videos and making a comment. You can also invite them to check out your channel. If they find it good enough, they wouldn’t mind sharing it with their audience. Last but not least, you can collaborate with them. Pitch them an idea of an awesome collaboration video. If they’re in, you’re guaranteed to be watched by so many people and maybe attract some to be your fans.

#1 Do It Now or Never

Do they all sound too much for you? Well, my apologize. The best way to start vlogging is actually just by doing it. Do not over-complicate matters. You will improve as you have more experience in it.


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