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Olympus TG-Tracker Review

olympus tg tracker review

Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or a data geek, chance is Olympus TG-Tracker can still bring more excitement to your next sport outing. This awesome action camera is more than just a small camcorder. It’s also a tracking device capable of collecting multiple data ranging from speed, temperature, mileage, even barometric pressure. Knowing that some action cameras don’t even have a GPS, the swath of sensors it comes with certainly raises its value to a great margin. But then what most people need from an action camera is good video quality. For that, this camera got you covered too.

What's Hot
  • Loads of motion sensors including GPS
  • Crisp 4K videos at 30fps
  • Articulating screen
  • Sturdy and waterproof without external housing
  • Ergonomic pistol-like grip included
  • Built-in 60-lumen light for shooting in low-light settings
What's Not
  • Big and heavy
  • Sensors sap on battery
  • Buggy mobile app

Olympus TG-Tracker Design

Weighing over 6.35 ounces, Olympus TG-Tracker is one of the heaviest and bulkiest action cameras out there. Even two GoPro cameras (when not attached to its waterproof housing) won’t make that weight. The good thing, however, is that the camera is completely sturdy and durable. Not only is it waterproof, but it can also survive a 7-foot drop and up to 220 pounds of force; all without needing external case (the lens cover is necessary, though). Unlike most action cameras, its LCD touchscreen can be flipped out in similar fashion of a camcorder. On the said display, you can monitor what you’re recording as well as play back any saved video and image.

Olympus TG-Tracker Key Features

Aside from its ruggedized construction and foldout display, it’s worth mentioning that the box includes a handheld ergonomic pistol-like grip. It’s meant to be something like a mini mechanical gimbal to stabilize the camera when shooting. Of course, it’s only useful if you’re not mounting the camera on, say, helmet or a handlebar. Olympus TG-Tracker features an ultra-wide lens, giving you up to 204-degree FOV. GoPro maxes out to 170-degree. In a sense, this is good considering you can capture more objects in one frame. In another, the camera might capture your hand and fingers when you’re pushing the shutter button placed real close to the lens. Fortunately, you can adjust it, though there aren’t too many FOV options.

Olympus TG-Tracker Performance

Coming in with 4K capture capability in tow, Olympus TG-Tracker is a serious threat to the likes of GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 5 Black. As a matter of fact, you may notice that this camera produces sharper images with the footage having more contrast in bright daylight. There’s an integrated flash light in the camera that should help when you’re recording in low light settings. It will also come in handy when you’re shooting underwater. Audio quality is also much better than GoPro, since the camera requires no external case that’s often be the culprit in damping the microphone. Meanwhile, the battery can give you more than an hour and a half recording time in 4K mode. It’s not impressive but it’s far from a letdown given that even GoPro Hero 4 Black struggles to make an hour of continuous shooting in 4K.


Although navigating the menus in Olympus TG-Tracker is not as intuitive as that in other action cameras, I can’t deny that its video quality is one of the best that you can get in a tiny shooter. The extra sensors within the camera can provide you more insight about your actions. Image stabilization works very well and the ultra-wide FOV is great for action sports. All in all, Olympus TG-Tracker can be a solid and cheaper alternative to GoPro.

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