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Roman Atwood Vlog Cameras and Equipment Setup

The first time I knew Roman Atwood was from one of the videos uploaded by the hilarious couple, Jesse and Jeanna in their channel BFvsGF, when the three of them were doing a collaboration. I thought this guy was pretty funny, so I checked his channel. As it turns out, Roman Atwood is one of the most subscribed comedian YouTubers, even more famous than Jesse and Jeanna. I was glad none of my friends knew that I had never known about this guy before.

Anyway, prior to becoming a YouTube superstar, Roman has been involved in various video productions since high school and showed strong interests in the comedy genre. In fact, he was independently making a series of comedy DVDs titled “The Nerd Herd” in 2006, which he promoted and sold on his own effort in various venues of 2006 Warped Tour. He started to focus on vlogging in 2010 when he created his first channel on YouTube, “Sketch Empire”. Of course, like all big-name vloggers on present day, that channel wasn’t much of a success.

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what camera does roman atwood use

With more innovation and creativity, however, it all changed. Today, Roman Atwood has two channels – RomanAtwoodVlogs and RomanAtwood – both of which are among the 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube, earning him 13.5 million and 10.5 million subscribers respectively. His pranks are so creative that Nissan offered him a fresh and new GTR 2015 just to get his permission to use his plastic ball prank video in their ad campaign (though one of his pranks almost got him in jail too). I myself do not subscribe on either one of his channels but I do enjoy most of his prank videos.

Now, that’s enough of an introduction about Roman, I suppose. From here onward, we’re going to focus on his gears – cameras and all – that he uses to make his comedy vlogs. Check them out!

Roman Atwood Cameras and Equipment for Vlogging

Roman Atwood is known for his prank videos that all of us love, not only because his pranks are out-of-the-box, but also the spontaneous expressions of those who got pranked are priceless. They’re genuinely funny and hilarious. He, however, won’t be able to capture those expressions if he uses bulky camera that everyone can spot easily. That’s why he likes to use compact point-and-shoot camera to film his vlogs. Still, whenever he has to make videos indoor, he will use his DSLR camera – regardless how huge it is – for it helps him get better quality.

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Sony CyberShot RX100 IV

Sony CyberShot RX100 IVRoman Atwood’s primary vlog camera is Sony RX100 IV. It’s the fourth generations of Sony’s renowned CyberShot digital camera and is the first one to offer video recording in 4K, though only limited to 5 minutes. This camera is almost synonymous with the word “fast”. Continuous burst shooting mode allows you to take up to 16 images in one second. Many DSLR and mirrorless cameras sold at higher price range can’t do even 10fps continuous burst shooting. The autofocus system is also among the fastest in its class, which is extremely crucial; otherwise all those burst shots will be useless. Featuring High Frame Rate (HFR) video mode, Sony RX100 IV is also one of the easiest slow motion cameras to use. The slow motion factor is rated up to 40x max, which in other words means the camera actually captures motion up to 960fps. That’s just insane for a camera this small.

Canon PowerShot G7X

Canon PowerShot G7XRoman Atwood is also a fan of Canon PowerShot G7X. This camera was launched shortly after Sony unveiled the third generations of its RX100 series camera, posing a real threat its hegemony. The two cameras are almost identical both in specs and outward appearance. With 20MP image sensor, it’s capable of capturing 1080p footage at maximum frame rate of 60fps. The 24-100mm lens also offers more zoom than the Sony’s counterpart, in addition to brighter aperture. Overall image quality is better than average, but what makes it so convenient for vlogging is the tilting touchscreen on its back. With a simple snap, you can pop out the LCD display and tilt it 180-degree upward until it faces you, enabling you to watch over your recording more easily. It also comes with a built-in flash, which helps improves the footage quality in dim-lit areas. Only thing that Canon could do better is the battery. While it’s not necessarily short lived, it still fares below the average (75 minutes of continuous shooting).

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IVIf the circumstance makes it possible, Roman Atwood will likely use his Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to record his vlogs. However, this pricey full-frame DSLR is way too bulky to be carried around, so it ends up being a secondary camera he uses only when he take a shot indoor. As the latest iteration of Canon’s most celebrated 5D series camera, it brings tons of features and capabilities; enough for me to talk about them all day. It’s the first DSLR camera by Canon to offer a true 4K video. The major upgrades also cover the camera’s sensor (bumped up to 30MP) and its internal chipset, now featuring DIGIC 6+ processor allowing for swifter and more accurate performance. In video mode, the camera writes data with a whooping bit rate of 500Mbps. This should give you a very vibrant and eye-popping footage, even in HD. The downside, however, the accompanying SD card must also be very fast; otherwise, it’s as good as useless.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro Hero 4 BlackRoman Atwood uses GoPro Hero 4 Black when he knows that the shooting will involve a good deal of splashes. With its sturdy and waterproof case, this action camera can capture high quality footage in the most unfriendly situations. Its diminutive form-factor also helps Roman conceal the camera with ease, recording his pranks without arousing suspicion from his next victims. Despite its tiny dimension, the Hero 4 Black is quite an accomplished video camera. Not only does it come with 4K capture capability, but it also offers a horde of different shooting modes, allowing users to get the best possible settings in various situations by changing the frame rate, field of view, and also resolution. The camera lacks any touchscreen, though, so you will have to constantly pair it with your mobile device via Wi-Fi. GoPro does offer an LCD display for the Hero 4 Black as a separate accessory, but you will also have to buy a different backdoor for its case then, which is not worth it in my opinion.

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4For aerial footage, Roman Atwood puts his trust on DJI Phantom 4. Not your regular drone, this UAV is more of a flying camera than mere glorified toys scattered in the growing drone market. Many even argue that its camera is better than the one that comes with DJI Inspire, which costs five times of the Phantom 4’s price. Crazy as it sounds, I believe it’s true. For starter, the camera is capable of recording spectacular 4K video. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s four times brighter, sharper, and crisper than traditional full HD video. The wide-angle lens has also been refined, reducing the common fisheye effect and chromatic aberration, while maintaining the sharpness around the edges. The integrated gimbal stabilizer also keeps the recorded footage shake-free, enabling the camera to get better focus throughout the length of the video. Last but not least, it’s a piece of cake to fly this drone. With numerous smart flight modes and collision avoidance and ActiveTrack sensors, you hardly need any piloting experience to fly DJI Phantom 4.




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