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Yi 4K Action Camera Review

yi 4k action camera review

Yi Technology may be a Chinese company but when they decide to take on GoPro in his own backyard, they do not play around. Yi 4K action camera is a spectacular shooter with serious specs in tow standing up to even one of the best action cameras today, GoPro Hero 4 Black. Comparing both cameras head-to-head, Yi 4K manages to steal the spotlight in some departments such as longer battery life, an on-board touchscreen, and much more affordable price. The Hero 4 Black, on the other hand, wins in countless mounting options and flat color profile for better editing.

What's Hot
  • Amazing 4K/30fps videos
  • Longer recording duration
  • High speed recording in full HD
  • Lightweight
  • Touchscreen larger than GoPro Hero 5 Black.
  • Great value for the money
  • Complete app for controlling, editing, and sharing
  • Electronic image stabilization
What's Not
  • No GPS
  • Awkward buttons layout
  • Need the case to be waterproof (sold separately)

Yi 4K Action Camera Design

Looking at its form-factor, there is nothing too different from other action cameras. It’s a small rectangle video cam with a 2-inch LCD touchscreen at the back. The display is protected with a gorilla glass, so it’s more resistant against scratches. Still, don’t ever think about dropping the camera because even gorilla glass can’t stop it from breaking. A couple of LEDs are rested at the top and front, to help you quickly tell if the camera is rolling. At the bottom is a built-in standard tripod mount which opens for lots of pairing possibilities with various third-party mounts. The camera itself is not waterproof and it’s worth noting that the basic package doesn’t give you the waterproof case. So, while it comes with an attractive pricing, everything else with Yi 4K must be bought for some extra cost.

Yi 4K Action Camera Key Features

Yi 4K has better hardware than GoPro Hero 4 Black. I’m not only talking about its touchscreen, but also the internal parts like the chipset and image sensor. This enables the camera to record ultra crisp 4K videos and capture high speed motions up to 240fps in traditional HD 720p, all while preventing the device from heating too quickly. As a result, the battery lasts twice as long as GoPro Hero 4. This is not a regular feat, considering Yi 4K has a touchscreen while the latter doesn’t. There are 12 different resolution settings that you can select easily using its touchscreen. Combine them with various frame rate and FOV settings, you get literally limitless recording options.

Yi 4K Action Camera Performance

Yi 4K’s more advanced hardware translates nicely to its performance. The quality of 4K video it captures is comparable to that of GoPro. Recent firmware update also allows users to access flat profile for less fussy color adjustments during the editing process. In some resolutions, you can also activate the Ultra setting. What this will do is basically the same as GoPro’s SuperView. It captures footage in 4:3 ratio and then stretches it digitally to 16:9. You will be able to include more objects on the top and bottom. As with many action cameras, purple fringing still besets this little shooter, especially around high-contrast subjects. Again, this will hardly be an issue if you watch the video on a small screen.


With China constantly pushing out cheap knockoff devices, some of you might be skeptical of anything that’s manufactured in this country. However, Yi 4K action camera proves to be something else. Its affordable price doesn’t necessarily mean so-so performance. The camera can definitely hold its own even against stiff competition from the crowned king, GoPro. If you want an action cam that can shoot in 4K for long hour and is very easy to use, look no further than Yi 4K action camera.

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